Experienced Fastener Suppliers Bring the Best Products to a Variety of Industries


Whether you are an OEM for an industry or a tier supplier, the experienced team at All State Fastener can help you find the best fastener products, no matter where you are in the world. With over 5 decades of experience in procurement and material flow of products, companies that work with us always know that they never have to worry about us as their fastener supplier.

With a team that is available around the clock and focused on providing the best customer experience, the fastener suppliers at All State Fastener will get you on the right track for quality fastener products and services.

A global fastener supplier

One of the reasons why All State Fastener can bring some of the best products in the business to so many industries is because we are a global supplier of fastener products. We source over 200,000 line items globally to ensure that our customers are always receiving the proper tool for the job. By working closely with every customer ASF learns the specifics that our customers have and finds the best solution for them.

By considering every advantage that might be available to our customers, no matter where they are located, ASF gives the best solutions to every customer to ensure they always get the best components for their industry.

Services with products

Part of the reason why customers of ASF know that they can always count on our team is because of the engineering and tech support that our team’s offer for every industry. By providing design support, analysis, testing, development solutions, and more, All State Fastener helps customers with every part of their application and how our products work alongside it. Professional fastener suppliers should provide more than just great products, so ASF offers excellent services to go alongside them.

With vast experience that reaches a global audience and a variety of services that allow customers to find the best products for their industries needs, you won’t find a better fastener experience than with ASF.

With depth of expertise, cross functional experience, and global outreach fueling the All State Fastener formula of success, we are the experienced fastener suppliers that always bring the best products to your industry. To learn more about the inventory that ASF manages or to learn about how it could help your industry, give our team a call today!

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