Professional Fastener Suppliers Provide Fast, Accurate Quotes


When looking for a fastener supplier, fast, accurate quotes can make the process of purchasing a better experience for the buyer. All State Fastener strives to make the process of getting fasteners as simple as possible for our customers, and one way that we provide this is through quick quotes that include all the fastener components you are interested in.

With a vast selection of fasteners available, our quote system can help almost any customer looking for a specific fastener get a quote for their products and get to ordering with little difficulty.

Our parts and quote system

When you choose All State Fastener as your fastener supplier, you choose a company that provides its entire production catalog of available products as a searchable, online database. And not only can our customers find the products that they might be looking for, but they can also add them all to a single quote that they can then submit to us. This takes out the process of communications back and forth multiple times before a quote is finally given.

All State Fastener provides this functionality to our customers to speed up the process of receiving a quote for the specific parts that they need so they can be ordered in record time. We are always striving for complete customer satisfaction, and this process is just one more way that our team achieves it.

Find a quote for every part

With bolts, materials, nuts, screws, specialty components, washers, and huge selection of components for each type, customers that look for parts at All State Fastener are sure to find what they need. By filtering your search by product group or description, you can find the specific parts you are looking for with ease, making your quote the most accurate available for the components you need.

With our vendor managed inventory and global network, our customers find quotes for the components that they need and know that they will be delivered on time according to their specifications.

With a vast inventory of quality components, award-winning services, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, it’s easy to see why so many around the globe trust All State Fastener as their fastener supplier. We encourage those interested in the fasteners that we have available to check out our products and see what parts we have for their needs. Once you find them, request a quote with us!

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