The Advantages of Working with All State Fastener


At All State Fastener, we have the unique experience of working with businesses both large and small all across the globe. Though we started out as a local business, ASF went international only two decades after its inception. Now, we have facilities all across the world, and supply over 200,000 unique line items. As fastener distributors, we take pride in providing the closeness and familiarity of a local company to the global community, and we take that philosophy with us through every business transaction.

Working Alongside You, Not Just with You

One of the many reasons we believe we have risen so quickly is due to the hands-on assistance we offer to our clients. As a specialized service provider, we offer cost savings seminars and workshops, product design solutions, and assembly line analysis for all things clips and fasteners. We believe that it is in our best interest to see you succeed, so we will do everything we can to make sure we both create as safe and efficient of a working environment as possible.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We at All State Fasteners know that when you need a fastener, you don’t want to worry about getting it from A to B to C. Simply: you just want to use the fastener. That’s why as fastener suppliers, we’ve uniquely streamlined our transportation process to get you your fasteners as need, when needed. We offer a web-based Kanban software that tracks the number of your fasteners and, when you can expect more fasteners in, and where each fastener is in the transportation process. Furthermore, we let you alter the contents of any supplies you have coming in from us and even flag any supplies that you feel are behind schedule.

Peace of Mind in Times of Transition

With your permission, we at ASF will take a personal hand in the transition of your business into one that utilizes ASF’s supplies every day. We even offer Advanced Quality Planning to guarantee every angle of your criteria for specification, installation, and performance are met. By consolidating your fastener suppliers to the all-in-one package that ASF offers, we give you stability where handling other suppliers might have just given you a headache.

Interested in revolutionizing your fasteners and your business? Reach out to us to start today!

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