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Latest News

FCA Quality Award Announcement


Good Afternoon and Happy New Year!

With the holidays behind and the New Year upon us, we at All State Fastener want to take a minute to share some exciting news we received as we closed the calendar year 2016.

All State Fastener was awarded the Outstanding Quality Award from FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). ASF was one of only 84 suppliers worldwide to receive this this prestigious award out of a total of 2,000 FCA suppliers.

Boost Your Efficiency with All State Fastener’s Proven Engineering Support


At All State Fastener, our full line of tech and engineering support services are available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. Our engineers are experienced with optimizing nearly every aspect of your application. From analyzing your practices and problems to providing achievable, realistic advice, we can help you boost your efficiency, lower your costs and increase your profits.

Why All State Fastener Should Handle Your Vendor Managed Inventory


Vendor managed inventory lifts the burden of inventory tracking, replenishment, inspection and delivery from your business, just to name a few benefits. By eliminating the need to be constantly vigilant in regards to your business’ small, logistical needs, you are free to focus on the bigger picture: sales and production.

Unlock Possibilities with an Unlimited Range of Products from All State Fastener


When you think about vendor managed inventory, what comes to mind? Probably the most common response to this question is a single word: inventory. Without a massive selection of products available, you risk not having access to the critical inventory items that your business needs to maintain its uptime, ensure consistent, high quality output and preserve your line’s efficiency. Vendor managed inventory without a diverse range of ready-to-ship products is ineffective, results in unnecessary overhead and puts artificial limits on your production capabilities. That’s why, at All State Fastener, we boast an unlimited range of products, offered through a globally integrated database and delivered on time, every time.


The Importance of a Comprehensive Supply Chain


When it comes to delivering the parts that our customers need, All State Fastener is able to strategically source over 200,000 line items from supply partners across the globe.  Because of this worldwide network, we’re able to consistently deliver over 5 billion components every year.  As a part of our vendor managed inventory services, our ability to keep our customers stocked, organized and efficient is reliant upon a establishing an uninterrupted flow of components.  Without a comprehensive, global network of supply partners, however, it would be markedly more difficult – if not impossible – to meet our customers’ needs.

The Advantages of Sourcing Standard and Engineered Fasteners from All State Fastener


When it comes to sourcing engineered and standard fasteners for your company, there are a number of factors to consider. Is your supplier reputable? Do they offer additional services or simply provide stock? Are they dedicated to instituting a policy that prevents the shipment of defective parts? All of these questions – and many more – should be asked during the selection process. After all, you’re looking for a supplier that will work closely with you to ensure that your production line is steadily receiving the fasteners that it needs and, as a result, consistently producing. In this post, we’re going to look at how All State Fastener answers these questions and the benefits you stand to gain from sourcing your standard and engineered fasteners from us.

Why to Choose Vendor Managed Inventory with All State Fastener Corporation


Utilizing vendor managed inventory in the past may have been an experiment, but it has now gained acceptance as the preferred way of doing business in many industries. Vendor managed inventory allows for a strong relationship between manufacturer and supplier to make a business model that is beneficial to both parties as well as the customer. Overall, it’s a positive step.

Selecting a Fastener Size & Material


When selecting a fastener to use for your application, both the material and size selection is important in creating a strong and lasting product. In many cases, a joint will have to operate under conditions of extreme temperature, vibration, pressure, and shock, so do not underestimate the complexity of choosing the correct size and material. The goal is to select a fastener that will create a clamp force that prevents separation and movement of the clamped parts once external forces are applied. A common mistake is to oversize the fastener, which can lead to a joint with a low clamp load, high risk for failure, and difficulty tightening. Follow these steps when selecting the correct size for your application:

Establishing Regional Supply Chains in a Global Economy


As globalization took hold in the manufacturing world, it was global supply chains or GSCs that helped offshore manufacturers to increase efficiencies and meet expected cost savings. According to the World Trade Organization, GSCs also “revolutionized development options facing poor nations.”

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