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Latest News

Why You Should Consolidate You Fastener Suppliers into One


At All State Fastener, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide thorough service at all steps of the supply process.

The Importance of Global Availability with All State Fastener


As a corporation with operations and partnerships all across the globe, we’re proud to say we deliver over 5 billion parts and components to our customers each year. 

The Advantages of Working with All State Fastener


At All State Fastener, we have the unique experience of working with businesses both large and small all across the globe. Though we started out as a local business, ASF went international only two decades after its inception.

Stay Supplied on Replacement Automotive Fasteners


When auto parts start to age or face corrosion from a harmful environment, replacement automotive fasteners from a dependable fastener supplier are the right choice. 

Count on Fastener Distributors in a New Year


With a New Year upon us, there is new opportunity to partner with a fastener distributor who gets businesses all the parts they need, when they need them. A New Year is always a great time to reevaluate how things are working with your business or to do new beginnings, so considering the right fastener distributor for your needs is one more thing you can analyze as the year starts.

Fastener Suppliers Help to Create the Perfect Constructed Furniture


Furniture manufacturers need quality fasteners from a professional fastener supplier to ensure their parts hold strong, and All State Fastener is the perfect supplier for the job. Whether your business fully constructs furniture for sale, or you sell furniture kits with all the component parts, dependable fasteners can help your products hold together strong for everyone that purchases them.

Common Automotive Fasteners and How they Help


When automobiles are manufactured, there are some common automotive fasteners that are frequently used during the manufacturing process. If you are putting parts of a vehicle together, you want to make sure that the parts you are using are the best for the job. Components that stand up to the test of time, are designed to deal with daily wear and tear, and provide a superior hold are all important factors that All State Fastener considers when providing the automotive industry with the fasteners that it needs.

Meet Seasonal Changes Headfirst with Fastener Distributors


With only a month of summer remaining, industries that face seasonal changes in demand can meet them headfirst with the dedicated fastener distributors at All State Fastener. Part of what makes All State Fastener the go-to supplier of quality fasteners for so many is our flexibility to change the delivery of fasteners to our customers’ needs. Working closely with every customer, we provide the fasteners they need, when they need them.

Professional Fastener Suppliers Provide Fast, Accurate Quotes


When looking for a fastener supplier, fast, accurate quotes can make the process of purchasing a better experience for the buyer. All State Fastener strives to make the process of getting fasteners as simple as possible for our customers, and one way that we provide this is through quick quotes that include all the fastener components you are interested in.

Automotive Fasteners Guarantee Better Builds as Needed


With the automotive fasteners from All State Fastener, any manufacture of automobiles can guarantee a better build of their products. Not only does All State Fastener carry a large catalogue of parts that automotive manufacturers can count on, but we also provide fasteners that have stood the test of time and are all crafted for quality and longevity for your applications.

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