Latest News

Latest News

ASF: A Fastener Supplier that Makes Inventory Management Easy


In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing our inventory management service and how it can benefit companies like yours. 

Fastener Suppliers that Keep You Stocked


In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how we use vendor managed inventory and program management as a fastener distributor to keep your production running smoothly.

Vendor Managed Inventory at All State Fastener


In this month’s blog post, we want to take the time to discuss the benefits of utilizing our vendor managed inventory (VMI) program, and how you can use it to optimize your manufacturing process.

Automotive Fasteners of All Varieties for Sale at All State Fastener


This month’s blog post will focus on the types of fasteners you can purchase and what they’re best used for.

Vendor Managed Inventory for Your Fastener Supply


Everything you need to know about our Vendor Managed Inventory program.

How to Determine If a Fastener Is Good Quality


We at ASF are here to provide you with some essential tips and insights to help you evaluate the quality of fasteners effectively.

Why You Should Consolidate You Fastener Suppliers into One


At All State Fastener, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide thorough service at all steps of the supply process.

The Importance of Global Availability with All State Fastener


As a corporation with operations and partnerships all across the globe, we’re proud to say we deliver over 5 billion parts and components to our customers each year. 

The Advantages of Working with All State Fastener


At All State Fastener, we have the unique experience of working with businesses both large and small all across the globe. Though we started out as a local business, ASF went international only two decades after its inception.

Stay Supplied on Replacement Automotive Fasteners


When auto parts start to age or face corrosion from a harmful environment, replacement automotive fasteners from a dependable fastener supplier are the right choice. 

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