ASF: The Next Generation of Fastener Suppliers


“Innovation” is the name of the game for fastener suppliers. To the outsider, it may seem like the world of automotive fasteners is more or less unchanging—after all, how much can you innovate on nuts and bolts?

In reality, you’d be surprised how much innovation goes into becoming one of the world’s most trusted fastener suppliers. Innovation doesn’t just occur at the point of creating a fastener—we innovate everything between how you order to fasteners from us to how you receive them.

In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how ASF innovates on automotive fasteners and distribution through every step of our process.

How All State Fastener Innovates Vendor Managed Inventory

One of the most important places to innovate for any fastener company is in inventory management. We understand that our busy clients simply don’t want to have to worry about having the right number of fasteners on hand. That’s why we offer full-service supplier programs through our cutting-edge vendor managed inventory programs.

We use a web-based kanban software to easily streamline all of our customer orders and delivery schedules. Our customers love this system, since it gives them the ability to “red flag” parts that they want to move faster, adjust quantities of shipments on the fly, and even direct part numbers to different drop zones.

The ASF Zero Defect Environment

We know that quality control is absolutely essential for fastener suppliers worth their salt. That’s why we constantly build on fundamental industry practices of quality management.

Here at ASF, we dictate regular audits of our vendors, ensuring that all of our supplies made to specification. On top of that, our team also analyzes the way you, our customer, uses the automotive fasteners we provide. That way, we know the most likely defects to protect against as we continue our rigorous internal quality control.

Design Support, Analysis, Testing, and More

In addition to our vendor managed inventory and stringent quality control, we also offer cutting edge customer support services. Where “customer support” for other companies may boil down to fixing problems after they’ve occurred, our technical experts not only prevent problems in advance, but cooperate with your team to iterate on your process.

We offer our customers access to industry knowledge collected through 60+ years of industry experience, thousands of educated workers, and research performed and gathered throughout the world. Some of our value-added services include:

  • Cost saving workshops
  • Teardown projects
  • Product design, development, and rationalization
  • Assembly line analysis
  • Prototyping and short testing

With all of these cutting edge practices and more, it’s no wonder why companies across the world prefer ASF as cutting-edge fastener suppliers who always get the job done right. For more information about our services and how we can benefit your company, click here to contact us today.

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