Boost Your Efficiency with All State Fastener’s Proven Engineering Support


At All State Fastener, our full line of tech and engineering support services are available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. Our engineers are experienced with optimizing nearly every aspect of your application. From analyzing your practices and problems to providing achievable, realistic advice, we can help you boost your efficiency, lower your costs and increase your profits.

Focusing on a process that includes design support, analysis, testing and implementation, we are on the cutting edge of fastener suppliers technology and are happy to stand beside you, down in the trenches, helping to overcome the obstacles you face in your day-to-day operation. With a range of specialized services aimed at tackling common manufacturing problems, All State Fastener can provide guidance regarding a number of topics, such as:

  • Cost savings work shops
  • Product design, rationalization and development solutions
  • Teardown projects
  • Assembly line analysis and plant walkthroughs
  • Surface treatment, rationalization and evaluation
  • Prototype and short run testing

We believe that our tech support program is a great avenue for our knowledgeable engineers to see the product of their hard work. Often, engineers are secluded, focused on a particular project and isolated from that project’s results. Via our support program, All State Fastener’s engineers are able to better understand the concerns of end-users, the challenges they face and the solutions that they need. In the end, this leads to better product design and better service offerings.

At All State Fastener, we’ve been working alongside major OEMs and Tier Suppliers for over fifty years. Having worked closely with companies in the automotive, transportation, electronics, heavy equipment, construction and appliance industries, we’re well-versed in how to solve a broad range of manufacturing problems. If you’re looking for a trusted partner, somebody that will work with you to resolve issues, create opportunities and boost efficiency, give us a call today to discuss how we can help.

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