How Stainless Steel Fasteners Built Entire Industries


It’s practically impossible to go a day without relying on clips and fasteners for one thing or another. If you wake up in a bed, screws are holding it together. If you drive a car, nuts and washers are keeping it running. In our modern age, we constantly rely on the clips and fasteners that built our nation.

However, there is a category of fastener that we feel doesn’t get enough love: stainless steel fasteners. Despite being integral to entire industries throughout the United States and beyond, few people recognize how important stainless steel screws, bolts, and other fasteners are to keeping our world running.

In this month’s blog post, we’re highlighting some of the industries that rely on stainless steel fasteners every day.

Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals

Some of the most common places to find stainless steel fasteners are in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Since regular steel is more liable to corrode, it can become a hostile contaminant in environments where sterility is most important. Believe it or not, corroding metals can become a hotspot for bacteria through a process called microbial corrosion, which can render corroded metals unsafe for medical use. By using stainless steel fasteners, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies can keep patients protected from these infectants.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, such as solar power, hydroelectric power, and wind power, constantly face environmental difficulties such as rain, contaminants, and even wildlife. As a result, the renewable energy sector relies heavily on clips and fasteners that won’t succumb to corrosion so easily. That’s why you’ll find stainless steel fasteners in local renewable energy facilities; because stainless steel is the best solution to keep renewable energy flowing.


Due to the wide variety of environmental factors an airplane or spacecraft may encounter, it’s no surprise that this sector relies heavily on stainless steel fasteners. However, stainless steel is preferred for another reason, as well: its weight. Unlike other corrosion-resistant options, stainless steel clips and fasteners provide a profound strength at a comparatively light weight.

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