The Importance of a Comprehensive Supply Chain


When it comes to delivering the parts that our customers need, All State Fastener is able to strategically source over 200,000 line items from supply partners across the globe.  Because of this worldwide network, we’re able to consistently deliver over 5 billion components every year.  As a part of our vendor managed inventory services, our ability to keep our customers stocked, organized and efficient is reliant upon a establishing an uninterrupted flow of components.  Without a comprehensive, global network of supply partners, however, it would be markedly more difficult – if not impossible – to meet our customers’ needs.

By offering local and global sourcing options, we allow our customers to determine optimal strategies for the acquisition of every part. One of the first steps in vendor managed inventory is discussing your goals, understanding your requirements and learning the performance specific criteria that you require from each component. After we’ve established things like, part details, applications, volume and secondary operations, we formulate a plan that will maintain stock levels of suitable parts, relieve the stress of reordering and provide a more dependable inventory tracking solution.

Because of our massive global network, we’re able to source parts according to your specific wishes. If you want to maintain a local presence, we’re able to work with suppliers in nearby regions, sourcing parts that fulfill your product specific criteria while also originating from local suppliers. This flexibility elevates our vendor managed inventory services above those of our competitors, allowing us to adapt quicker, react faster and, most importantly, supply more efficiently.

At All State Fastener, we’ve helped OEMs and Tier Suppliers optimize their manufacturing processes for over 50 years. In that time, we’ve constantly sought to expand our global network, establish ties to local supply partners and streamline our VMI process. If you’re looking to ease your inventory tracking and create a more unified, direct manufacturing process, call us today to learn how we can help.

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