The Importance of Global Availability with All State Fastener


As a corporation with operations and partnerships all across the globe, we’re proud to say we deliver over 5 billion parts and components to our customers each year. We attribute this success in no small part to the vast supply chain we at ASF have spent decades cultivating throughout the international community. Due to our global supply chain, we’re able to deliver over 200,000 varieties of fasteners and other components every year, as we’re proud to serve as a leader in the fastener supplier industry. In today’s blog post, we’re detailing the advantages of being a globally connected company, as well as how we use these advantages to pass the savings and reliability on to you.

Global Sourcing Means Global Resilience

When it comes to clips and fasteners, there will essentially always be a sizeable need in today’s economy. For that reason, we at ASF have worked hard to establish partnerships and operations all over the world. While the wide variety of locations certainly helps with production, we also greatly value the resilience that having so many locations allows us. As recently demonstrated, the modern age is still at risk of global events inhibiting or even shutting down some trade between nations. Even so, the need for fastener distributors to supply goods such as automotive fasteners remains demanding. For this reason, we believe that a net of facilities across the globe is necessary to allow for the robust and adaptable needs of a world where everything is interconnected. When one country or region might have restricted production and trade, our competitors could very likely fold beneath the pressure. Because of our global infrastructure, however, we can always pick up the slack with the help of our other facilities.

Global Availability Means Global Expertise

Luckily, not all times will require belt tightening in the way that recent years have. In these times, we at ASF still possess a unique advantage due to the global community we’ve created. Thanks to the operations we’ve established in 6 different nations and the partnerships we’ve developed in 10 different nations, we’re proud to have a great diversity of employees and partners working alongside one another. Thanks to the wide variety of experiences and backgrounds in our network, we at All State Fastener are happy to have some of the most varied knowledge on clips and fasteners in the industry.

If you’re as eager to make use of the global community as we are, reach out to us today to request a quote. When united, we all become stronger.

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