Vendor Managed Inventory for Your Fastener Supply


Here at All State Fastener, we understand that running a production line means overseeing the complete transformation of a product. We also understand that this process is no small task. Overseeing the creation of a product can mean that product passes through dozens of hands and just as many different machines—and that’s just the fundamentals. Managing production also means balancing both quality and efficiency, both of which require making judgement calls as well as problem solving on the spot.

With all of these factors in mind, it becomes apparent that every aspect of production that you can simplify, should be simplified.  We at All State Fastener understand this, which is why we offer Vendor Managed Inventory to help streamline your production. In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the perks of our Vendor Managed Inventory and the steps we take as a fastener supplier to make your life easier.

Over 5,000 Part Numbers and 100 Drop Zones

Our system of vendor managed inventory is equipped to handle almost any level of inventory management you could need from us. While in the past we have offered as few as 25 parts and 10 drop zones to our clients, we also have systems as large as 5,500 part numbers and 120 drop zones. We understand that your fastener supply needs could be narrow or diverse, so we make it a point to keep our infrastructure as robust and adaptable as possible.

Parts On Demand: When You Need Them, Where You Need Them

We also offer online Kanban software that allows you to view and adjust the parts you need at the click of a button. On our software, you can view where your goods are in the transportation process, as well as when they’re going to reach your facility and when the next supply drop is inbound. You can also use this system to manage the amount of inventory you’re requesting, so you can increase or decrease the amount of supplies coming your way in response to changes in production.

As a fastener supplier, we know how important it is to have our product when you need it and where you need it. If you’re interested in taking part in our Vendor Managed Inventory program, then don’t hesitate to contact us today. We want to make your production process as streamlined as possible. Working as a team, we aim to make that goal a reality.

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