ASF: A Fastener Supplier that Makes Inventory Management Easy


The last time you packed for a vacation, trip, or other outing, you might have recalled a famous phrase as you were deciding what to bring with you: “Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.” While this piece of common wisdom certainly holds true for packing an extra swimsuit or bringing an umbrella even if “it doesn’t look like rain today,” this advice simply isn’t as helpful in the manufacturing industry.

Though it can certainly be beneficial to have a surplus of supplies as a manufacturer, the cost of accurate inventory management and space conversation can start to make that “surplus” feel more like bloat. Here at All State Fastener, we understand that bloat in a company’s supplies can not only sow productivity, but even lead to a unnecessary waste. That’s why, in this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing our inventory management service and how it can benefit companies like yours.

Inventory Management and Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor managed inventory is considered by our customers to be one of their favorite aspects of working with us. When it comes to fastener suppliers, we understand the importance of having the fasteners you need, when you need them, more than anyone. That’s because our Kanban software makes it easier than ever for our partners to conveniently order components. Additionally, we offer the following services to make management of your inventory as easy as possible.

  • Program Management
  • Transition Analysis
  • Directed Buy Programs
  • Real Time Inventory and Data Base Access

Whether you are an operation with few supply needs or a sprawling corporation with a great number of part numbers and drop zones, we can make sure your fastener supply needs are met.

Why to Have a Fastener Supplier Handle Inventory Management

Now that we’ve talked about the details of our vendor managed inventory, we’d like to home in on the benefits of it. When you ask us to help handle your inventory management, you can save on the following:

  • Labor
  • Storage
  • Wasted or Lost Components
  • Halted production due to misplaced or insufficient components

Are you interested in working with a fastener supplier who knows how to get you the supplies you need when you need them? If so, then please reach out to us at All State Fastener today to halt the headache of inventory management.

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