Fastener Suppliers that Keep You Stocked


The more an operation scales up, the more important it becomes that your systems and supply chains just work. When a business is still starting up and expanding, taking some time to purchase parts when they unexpectedly run out or reconfigure a supply chain not only makes sense—it’s to be expected. As that business expands, though, these obstacles that once seemed small become increasingly detrimental to productivity. As fastener suppliers with over 50 years of experience, our team at All State Fastener understand the true importance of reliable people who provide reliable fasteners over and over again.

In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how we use vendor managed inventory and program management as a fastener distributor to keep your production running smoothly.

Vendor Managed Inventory That’s Always Just in Time

Our vendor managed inventory service is built around the philosophy of addressing every customer’s needs, no matter the size of their operation. Our team at All State Fastener manages supplier programs that range from 5500 unique part numbers to as few as 25. Moreover, we reliably distribute fasteners to businesses that have 10 drop zones and businesses that have 120+ drop zones in one building. We’re able to accomplish this while reacting to our customers’ changing needs due to our virtual Kanban Software, which allows for maximum transparency and product requests from the businesses we serve.

Program Management and Transition Oversight

If you feel that our vendor managed inventory system is right for you, but are hesitant to make the transition to relying on us as a supplier, then we’ve got you covered. Our expertise also extends to the consolidation and transition of suppliers, and we can help oversee the transition of your current program into one that supports All State Fastener’s streamlined structure. We also offer complete program management of cost analysis and savings projects, and develop cost-saving purchasing programs, so we’re always optimizing your supply chain for minimum costs and maximum gains. Finally, we’ll also completely manage program launches, so you can continue business as usual while enjoying the returns we came to optimize.

If you’re looking to scale up operations, switch fastener suppliers, or just want a change of pace, then All State Fastener is here to help you. Never worry about having the parts you need on hand, when you need them. Contact us today for more information.

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