Common Automotive Fasteners and How they Help


When automobiles are manufactured, there are some common automotive fasteners that are frequently used during the manufacturing process. If you are putting parts of a vehicle together, you want to make sure that the parts you are using are the best for the job. Components that stand up to the test of time, are designed to deal with daily wear and tear, and provide a superior hold are all important factors that All State Fastener considers when providing the automotive industry with the fasteners that it needs.

With a depth of expertise, a long history of success in supplying quality fasteners, and a global supply chain of suppliers, All State Fastener is the best choice for choosing your commonly used automotive fasteners.

Which automotive fasteners are most used?

So, knowing that automotive fasteners are essential to the construction and integrity of specific component parts, it is important to know which automotive fasteners are used most to ensure you are always getting the best with those kinds. The automobile industry most commonly uses the essentials: nuts, bolts, and washers.

Bolts provide a strong hold where they are used in construction of vehicle components. Washers serve a variety of purposes, from preventing leakage to distributing pressure that a component faces. Nuts secure bolts and screws in place, providing a corrosive-resistant connection piece to keep everything locked tight. All State Fastener provides nuts, bolts, and washers in a variety of sizes, available for shipment wherever our customers need them.

 Why better parts matter

When considering which fasteners to use for automotive components, it is important to use the best parts available to ensure a better final product. If fasteners become loose during operation, vehicle can face a variety of, sometimes dangerous, issues. If a nut or bolt were to come loose in the operation of a vehicle’s engine, transmission, etc., it could lead to either issues with starting the vehicle or cause a cascade of further issues.

All State Fastener provides automotive fasteners that are constructed professionally carefully to ensure they keep your automotive parts functioning as long as possible. Our ability to deliver these fasteners in record time means you always have the best parts where and when you need them.

All State Fastener has decades of experience working with those in the automotive industry to supply them with quality fasteners they can count on. If you want a dependable source of automotive fasteners for your operations, give us a call today!

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