Fastener Suppliers Help to Create the Perfect Constructed Furniture


Furniture manufacturers need quality fasteners from a professional fastener supplier to ensure their parts hold strong, and All State Fastener is the perfect supplier for the job. Whether your business fully constructs furniture for sale, or you sell furniture kits with all the component parts, dependable fasteners can help your products hold together strong for everyone that purchases them.

All State Fastener provides a massive library of parts that furniture manufacturers can take advantage of to create furniture that holds strong. Our bolts, nuts, screws, washers, and specialty parts are all crafted to give an unmatched fastener, no matter the application.

Order everything you need

With a Vendor Managed Inventory, All State Fastener provides fasteners to your business on a schedule that matches the demand your products face. Through our web-based Kanban Software, you control the metrics of your VMI program, ensuring you always have the right number of fasteners to keep up with sales. With ASF, your fasteners will never become an issue in the manufacturing of furniture, always coming on time and giving your products unmatched connective reinforcement.

A real time inventory allows you to keep track at all times of your fasteners, meaning there is never a moment with us as your fastener suppliers where you are unsure about the components that you regularly order.

Confident designs minimize costs

When you know that your furniture fasteners are strong enough to stand up to the task of holding everything together, you can maximize efficiency of your furniture designs and minimize costs. A strong fastener in the right spot can make all the difference when it comes to furniture design, and the fasteners that we provide will give a strong hold that keeps everything in place and won’t easily wear from repeated use.

All State Fastener assists engineering through product design, development, and rationalization solutions, meaning our team can help you find the best solution no matter the product in question. It is our goal to always find the perfect solution to our customers’ needs, and our versatile selection of furniture fasteners will match any need your furniture has for connective reinforcement.

With fasteners that are trusted in heavy-duty industries such as construction and automotive parts, any furniture business can be sure that the fasteners they receive from All State Fastener will be a great choice for their products. Call our team today to learn more about the fasteners that we offer and how they excellently work alongside your furniture parts!

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