Automotive Fasteners Guarantee Better Builds as Needed


With the automotive fasteners from All State Fastener, any manufacture of automobiles can guarantee a better build of their products. Not only does All State Fastener carry a large catalogue of parts that automotive manufacturers can count on, but we also provide fasteners that have stood the test of time and are all crafted for quality and longevity for your applications.

This, coupled with All State Fastener’s capability to have fasteners delivered where they are needed when they are needed, has given us a long track record of success with customers in the automotive industry.

Every part for any need

Rather than just provide the standard set of automotive fasteners that the industry needs, All State Fastener can also provide a variety of other components that may be used in more specialty parts. We carry a practically unlimited range of products that the automotive industry might need for their parts. Whether it’s bolts, nuts, screws, washers, or almost any specialty part, we have you covered.

Different vehicle models and makes may depend on different components to ensure the longevity of their parts, and ASF ensures they get a strong hold to help them last.

Always given just on time

Whatever your business needs for fasteners, the team at ASF can assist you in finding it and provide a supply line of the product to always guarantee you have it on hand. With a global market that brings our long list of products where they are needed, we can meet our customers’ needs for material or logistical convenience. Depending on what your performance specifics are, we find the right part from the best manufacturer, ensuring your parts are in the right hands.

 ASF delivers more than 5 billion components to our customers on an annual basis, so you know that we can fulfill your orders as needed. Our top priority is customer satisfaction in both the product that they receive and the ease in which they receive it. Always guarantee you are given products on time by choosing All State Fastener.

With a list of certifications and rewards to back up our promise of quality service, ASF’s automotive fasteners and delivery promise help you to always guarantee a better build when you need it. Contact us today to learn more about how you too could be part of our network and to set yourself up for success with a professional fastener supplier.

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