A Dedicated Fastener Distributor Keeps Workflow Moving


When you work with components that require fasteners, it is important to have a fastener distributor you can count on to keep nuts, bolts, and more stocked at all times to keep your workflow always moving. Delays while waiting for fasteners can mean a delay in production, all things that any business looking to grow or get ahead in the business of manufacturing want to avoid.

All State Fastener is a fastener distributor with a global and local sourcing network that can help guarantee your business always gets the fasteners that it needs, when it needs them.

Stay in the know with fasteners

Through a vendor managed inventory system, All State Fastener provides a way for manufacturers to always keep track of where the parts that they need are at and set up a system that guarantees they always have them on-hand. Through our web-based Kanban Software, businesses can adjust how many fastener parts they are receiving and when, allowing them to adjust their incoming parts to their production to make it a perfect workflow.

Other distributors may only offer many fasteners that are not needed by your business in one lump sum. Or you may find yourself running out of parts due to fluctuating workflow that your distributor can’t keep track of. Whenever these situations happen, ASF is the fastener distributor you can count on to get things back on track now and in the future.

Professional parts prevent risk

Not only does All State Fastener help keep your workflow moving through a network of suppliers for any company on the globe, but our parts are also professionally crafted to prevent risk of problems occurring with your manufactured parts. Our fasteners work to provide the best hold at all critical areas of your manufactured parts’ connection points, minimizing risk of parts shifting or pulling apart throughout the life of the component.

Whether it is a hold to prevent leaking of fluids, a tightening to distribute pressure between parts, or a simple securing of component parts to hold everything in place, our fasteners keep everything working as intended.

When you want a fastener distributor that works with its customers in a personalized and professional way, All State Fastener is the company for the job. Contact our team today to learn more about our fasteners and how our network of distributors works to help your operations stay flowing smoothly.

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